Theatre Ignites as Dancers Burn the Floor!

Burn the Floor – Floor Play returns with a new show to tour New Zealand. If you enjoyed the show last year you’re going to enjoy the new production even more. From the first opening percussive beats through to the last sight of the dancers as the curtain lowers, the energy and drive doesn’t stop. Rebecca Verrier provides some powerful vocals along with Kieron Kulik with the dynamic live percussion providing the heartbeat that keeps the show pulsing. Following the same basic format as the earlier production, the show now has new choreography, more dazzling costume changes and a predominately new international cast.

Once again the energy, skill and passion of the dancers captures the audience, enticing you to want to get up and dance or at least go and learn. Jason Gilkison’s choreography is strong, sensual and rhythmic. Sometimes we are just given the energy and excitement of the dance. Then the mood changes as characters are developed with a narrative setting a new scene. It is this melding of the skill and art of the ballroom floor, combined with the drama of the theatre, that makes the show work so well. The routines are clean and uncluttered, yet the action never stops, giving us plenty of interest without always having to rely on tricks to keep our attention. Dancesport is taken from the competition floor to the stage, showing that there is more to this dance genre than sequins and fake tan and making it accessible to a greater public.

The international cast of dancers demonstrated a strong, slick technique. We saw masculine men partnering strong, sensual women, creating balanced partnerships while allowing for individual personalities and style. It was great to see the connection between the couples, which can sometimes be lost on the competition floor.

As we are told at the beginning of the show...“ballroom dancing has come a long, long way since it’s early days of the Quickstep and the Foxtrot”. With the increasing interest in partner dancing, from Ballroom to Salsa, Argentine Tango, Swing, Cerroc and Rock’n’Roll, Floor Play can only inspire people to want to get out there and give it a go.

Again I take another quote from the opening of the show that sums up the essence of this unique genre of dance...“this timeless art form of two people moving together in perfect unison around a ballroom floor was then, and will always be completely captivating”.

Brian Jones

(Review published in DANZ Quarterly)