from Dancing With the Stars
Brian has worked for St Cuthbert′s College in the capacity of a contracted dance teacher for approximately six years. His role has been to assist with teaching dance to classes of students as a component of our Year 10 Physical Education teaching programme as well as coordinating a schedule of other dance instructors, to meet the needs of our programme.

Brian is well liked by students and approaches all lessons with enthusiasm. He has an effervescent personality and a passion for dance, his manner immediately engaging the students′ interest. Brian uses his initiative readily and is very competent in managing groups of students and teaching dance to a class with a wide range of abilities and prior experience.

I have a high level of respect for Brian as a teacher of dance and have drawn on his expertise and knowledge extensively in the time he has worked with us. The schedules he developed accommodated our needs very well and any difficulties were promptly resolved. Brian showed flexibility in meeting our needs . He has always been reliable, arriving promptly to lessons. He has a warm and friendly manner and relates well to all staff in the department.

Ms Monique Van Groenewoud, Director of Health and Physical Education
St. Cuthbert's College

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to write this letter of recommendation for Brian Jones. Brian was contracted to teach the Jazz technique classes in the Bachelor of Dance Programme at the Auckland University of Technology for the first two semesters of the programme.

Brian is an unusually gifted jazz lecturer. After 35 years of teaching in Paris, Los Angeles and New York I must say that I have never met a jazz teacher with the in depth knowledge of jazz styles that Brian generously shared with our students. He had more to offer our students than just a professionally structured dance class or the academic background associated with the teaching of dance. Brian knows how to inspire students to explore all the elements of dance while encouraging and supporting their independent academic growth and exploration of the subject.

Brian is most dependable, helpful and friendly. He is a wonderful colleague who is always at the ready to help, council or tutor. Please feel free to contact me any time.

Dora Krannig, Department Chairperson, Dance
Glendale Community College (U.S.A)